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Bitcoin Exchange Service
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take for the exchange transaction to be processed?

    Most transactions will be processed within a few minutes of being confirmed. In some cases, however, transaction processing may take a few hours. In very rare cases, it could take up to 24-hours. Please note that transactions taking place after 6pm might not be processed until 8am the following day.
  2. How much is your commission?

    Our default commission is 4%. In some cases, depending on the demand and amount in stock, our fee may even drop to 0%.

    Please note: We provide up to 12-hours (3-hours for new accounts) for our customers to transfer USD or BTC amounts, which will be exchanged at the previously specified exchange rate, even when the Bitcoin exchange rate is not stable.
  3. Do you have any stores or in-person counters?

    No, we operate only online at the moment.
  4. Is there a limit to the amount I can exchange?

    The maximum amount for one transaction is 1000 USD. However, you can have an unlimited number of transactions.
  5. What is the minimum amount that can be exchanged?

    Right now, the minimum amount we can exchange is 50 USD. We try to keep this value as low as possible. But sometimes, when the Bitcoin transaction costs increase, we are forced to increase the minimum amount.
  6. Who pays the payment transaction fees?

    The sender always pays for the payment transaction fees.
    The fee amount that we pay is already included in the calculated exchange amount.

    When you sell Bitcoins, please set the Bitcoin transaction fee to the amount, which should be enough to get the transaction confirmed in a few hours. You can see the recommended fees on
  7. What happens if I don't transfer the money for a created transaction?

    Your exchange transaction will be cancelled automatically after a specified amount of time. However, we are at a disadvantage in such a case. In order to protect our system, we have integrated some restrictions for transactions. We reduce the time for the next transaction (from 12 hours to a minimum of 3 hours). We also reduce the number of transactions that are possible to initialize at the same time. These restrictions will be reset when the upcoming exchange transactions are completed successfully.
  8. Why do you exchange only Bitcoin and not other crypto-currencies?

    We want to make Bitcoin more popular because we think that only Bitcoin is really "decentralized". For example, Bitcoin is developed by a location-independent core-developer team on a voluntary basis. In addition, Blockchain full-nodes are easier to operate due to their relatively small size and are therefore available in large amounts.
  9. Is it possible to pay with Riels?

    Yes, it is possible. All our prices are displayed in USD. However, you can also pay with the Riel (1 USD = 4000 KHR).
  10. Do you have an API?

    Yes, you can access our exchange rate information via API: